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No matter how old you are, how adventurous you are, or how many challenges you have overcome in life – setting off on any journey like ours can be a little daunting at first, for all involved. We have adopted a unique approach to offering our assistants, and loved ones back at home, peace of mind throughout their journey.

Alongside the usual physical benefits and allowance offered on projects such as ours – we are proud to have developed our own personal method of assurance and commitment to our candidates.

To aid and assist your stay with us, we aim to create your own personal support network in which you have confidence. If you get involved with us, we ask that you may introduce ourselves to your closest family members, or friends – in order to form a friendly acquaintance and familiarity. This also gives everybody the opportunity to find out who we are, and what we do, and to talk over any areas of interest, misunderstanding or general concern.

Our work is very interpersonal, and we want everybody to be comfortable with your position and well-being. For ourselves, it is crucial this support is in place, for varying reasons.

It may be that somebody has lost touch with you, or that you have overlooked taking some vital medication with you. You may have received some devastating news from home affecting you or leaving you vulnerable causing concern with your loved ones.

It could be the case that we have some issues with you on a level that we aren’t quite sure how to deal with – and ourselves that need some help. Either way, your support network is crucial to the success, and enjoyment of your placement.

We discourage offering placements without this structure in place – whilst some individuals may find it an unnecessary, or undesirable aspect, we generally insist upon it.

If this structure is inconvenient for any reasons, or your decision to get involved is not supported by your loved ones – whilst we usually advise against it, we will look at individual and exceptional circumstances.


Our agreement of expectations throughout your stay consists of more than just your contractual duties and what benefits you will receive. It is also regarding OUR obligations and commitments to you. By agreement, I am legally obliged to liaise with your family and friends, addressing any concerns or issues, requests and the like – to point of satisfaction.

This clause is without limitations, and there for your peace of mind. We want our candidates to have an enjoyable and stress free time, and their families to have trust in their position. For this reason, I oblige myself to addressing any concerns put to me. I am obliged to respond to anything put to me, inside of 24 hours.


This means that basically, whilst you are on your placement – your friends and family back home have a trusted and familiar face to talk with, and deal with absolutely anything they find necessary regarding yourself, supported by a legal agreement obligating me to do so.

Younger people setting off on into the world and waving goodbye carries its own weight of emotional challenge and apprehension. Our interactive approach, honesty and structured support system are the foundations this project has been built on. If you are working with us, rest assured – we will also be working for you.

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