Checklist / Itinerary

Prepare for your journey!

If you are joining us and getting involved in the near future, here is a checklist of things you need to ensure in preparation for your journey:

Have you sent me your profile?

Selected candidates are required to send me the following, around a month in advance of their placement:

  • CV in English.
  • A few pictures of yourself. Active and creative pictures preferred if possible.
  • A small introduction video with a few basic details about yourself.

Have you had your vaccinations?

Absolutely essential. It is advised to tell your doctor that you will be traveling all over China, and require the necessary vaccinations for all regions.

Have you applied for your Visa?

Simply put – it is not possible to travel to China without your visa. We prefer to apply for your visa, around one month before you travel

Do you need a Transit Visa?

If passing through certain countries on your way to China, such as Russia, or Dubai – it may be necessary for you to have a Transit Visa allowing you to pass through. In our experience, airlines are not always too forthcoming with this information. Please be sure to ask, in order to avoid any delays.

Have you installed your laptop /device with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

It is NOT possible to access Facebook/YouTube, or any of the other popular social networking sites, without having a VPN installed. It is essential to do this prior to setting out, as it is not possible to download VPN software once in China. The software we recommend is freely available for all members of the public.. Not sure? Ask me!

Has your phone been unlocked to accept different Sim-cards?

You will be provided with a Chinese Sim card when you arrive, but your phone will need to be unlocked so you can use it.



To make it easier for you all – here is a list of essentials you will need to take with you:

  • Passport.
  • Flight tickets.
  • Money – we recommend around 4000 RMB, approximately £400 English pounds to last whilst the living allowance settles in.
  • At least one set of thermal clothing.
  • Durable footwear/boots (The Chinese adore mountains and hiking!)
  • Books/magazines for the journey.
  • Travel plugs / phone charger
  • Movies/music/literature. It may not be so easy or convenient to access your favorites on-line in China, so we recommend you download your favorites to take with you.
  • Any medication you may need.
  • Insect / pest repellent.
  • Knife and fork – Whilst we encourage you to practice using chopsticks, these may come in very handy at first.

There will of course be other items that are essential to the individual, so take time to prepare properly. Don’t panic too much if you forget the odd item, most things are made in China these days.

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