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How much will this cost me?

You should budget for around the £1000 mark to cover the expenses you may incur prior to setting out. We are happy to discuss the realistic reimbursement of these expenses on completion of a twelve month contract.

£300 – Your flight to China.

£250 – Work visa application.

£450 – This is the amount we recommend you have in reserve in order to last whilst your living allowance kicks in.

Please note that these costs are approximate.

When does it start and finish?

There are no set start and finish dates for the project. The project is ongoing, and ever increasing in popularity. It is our aim that as the years pass we will have more and more project members involved across the globe!

So if you’re wondering “could I do something like this?” drop me a line to gain an informed outlook on the realities of the teaching in China industry.

Do I need to be able to speak Chinese to get involved with the project?

You can all take a huge sigh of relief now, you don’t need to be able to speak Chinese to get involved!

In fact, if you can speak Chinese, most of our education centres insist that you don’t use it in class with the children. The emphasis is all on the English that the kids hear and nothing is more influential for them than hearing the native tongue in natural situations.

This being said, it is of course only polite to learn a few pleasantries such as “please”, “thank you”, “how much?” and so on, for use outside the work place.

What support is available?

Anybody who is in China already with our project, or looking to get involved in the near future, will be aware of the support network we put in place for our members whilst out in China, and the lengths we go to ensuring your personal peace of mind and wellbeing, as well as our unique policy of assurance and integrity. 

Is the project suitable for families or children?

In a nutshell – ‘no’. The placements cater adequately for a single person, as does the living allowance, but unfortunately neither the facilities nor the living allowance stretch to being suitable for a family or children.

We can, however, arrange for couples and friends to live, and work in the same placement – as long as both are suitable for the project.

I am also often asked if the allowance is enough to be sending money back home to families – again, not really.  You may have enough to send the occasional bit of money home to help out, but on the whole, it’s generally not enough to be doing so on a regular basis.

How can I find out even more?

To find out more you are welcome to email me with any specific inquiries, or give me a call for an informal chat. We welcome anybody who is offered a placement on our project, with an opportunity to chat with one of our current candidates in China, so you can discuss their personal experience.

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